7: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

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Olsson Center for Applied Ethics

The Olsson Center for Applied Ethics was established over 25 years ago through a grant provided by Mrs. Signe M. Olsson for the purpose of examining and promoting the concepts of ethics and integrity as they involve the world of practical affairs. As such, the center is concerned with ethical considerations of business and with other areas that impinge on business such as government and the law. Administered under the ex officio direction of the Dean of the Darden School and a director appointed from the School’s faculty, the center works closely with other academic departments and the wider community beyond the University through its senior fellows and research associates.

Through its activities, the center is dedicated to being the leading source of thinking about the ethics of business. The center serves as a critical resource for executives, scholars, and graduate students who are faced with the challenge of integrating ethical thinking into business decision-making.

In its activities, the center describes, defines, and analyzes the most current thinking and practices in the field. It disseminates its findings through the Ruffin Lectures Series and other seminars, conferences, and publications, and participates with the Darden School in its ethics courses for Darden students.

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