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Joint Degree Programs

Joint degree programs are offered by the Darden School in connection with other schools and departments at the University of Virginia. These programs are designed to enhance the educational experience beyond that which could be achieved if the two degrees were taken independently. Each joint degree proprogram is a unique program with significant and identifiable synergies that the two degrees taken independently would not offer.

Admissions   For all joint degree programs except M.B.A.-Ph.D., students first must be admitted to the Darden School and the appropriate University graduate school or department through the normal admission processes. Admission to both programs should be simultaneous or occur during the studentís first year at Darden.

Once the student is admitted to both programs, the student must be accepted for the joint degree program by the joint degree programís program committee. Admission to a joint degree program should be prior to matriculation or no later than during the studentís first year at the Darden School.

Curriculum Requirements   Students in joint programs must complete the Darden first-year program, required second-year courses, and 15 credits of electives (instead of the normal 24 credits). Other curriculum requirements are noted in the individual joint program descriptions.

Receipt of the M.B.A. degree is contingent upon receipt of the respective non-MBA degree. However, in the joint M.B.A.-Ph.D. Program, the faculty will award the M.B.A. degree to a student who has completed all requirements for the regular MBA Program.

Grading Standards   Candidates for joint degrees must satisfy the grading standards of the appropriate school or department granting the non-M.B.A. degree and receive passing grades in their Darden School courses, with grades below B- in no more than 3.5 course units.

Transfer to a Single-Degree Program   At any point in the program, the student will be allowed to terminate plans for a joint degree and to continue toward a single degree at either school or department. The student will then be obligated to satisfy the normal requirements of the appropriate program, which may include credit for some of the work done in the other program, as determined by the appropriate officials of the school or department in question.

For more information about joint degree programs at Darden, contact: Director of Admissions, the Darden School, University of Virginia, P.O. Box 6550, Charlottesville, VA 22906-6550; (804) 924-7281.

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