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Performance in the School

In addition to (1) following the University standards of conduct, (2) abiding by the obligations of the Honor System, and (3) meeting the standards of the Darden School for scholastic achievement, a Darden School student is expected (4) to perform in a manner that is consistent with the academic good order and educational processes of both the individual courses and the Darden School of Business Administration in general, and to demonstrate by seriousness of purpose that he or she is profiting or likely to profit from the instruction offered. Such behavior is referred to herein as performance.

The faculty has provided a process for the review of the performance of a student whose actions suggest he or she is not profiting or likely to profit from the instruction offered, whose neglect or irregular performance of duties indicates indifference, or whose character and habits are inconsistent with the academic good order or educational process of individual courses or the Darden School in general.

It is not intended that this process shall be used in cases that fall solely within the jurisdiction of the Honor Committee or the Judiciary Committee of the University or the Academic Standards Committee of the Darden School. In such cases, proceedings brought before any of these committees shall preclude action under this review procedure.

The procedure shall not abrogate an instructor’s rights and responsibilities for maintaining an effective and orderly learning atmosphere in classes.

The process, in brief, provides for the establishment of an ad hoc committee of inquiry, which may include a student member, to hear the issue and on behalf of the faculty impose the penalty, if any, that it considers appropriate, up to and including enforced withdrawal from the Darden School.

The committee’s decision may be appealed to the School’s faculty.

Full details of the procedure shall be provided by the dean to any student whose performance is being reviewed or to anyone else who has a legitimate interest.

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