7: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

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Attendance Policy

Darden students are expected to attend all classes. The rationale of this policy is found in the commitment faculty and students make to the case method form of instruction. The case method is a group experience that depends heavily on the active participation of all members of the community, who bring their varying perspectives to the issues at hand.

The faculty recognizes that certain activities outside the classroom are an integral part of the Darden experience. These activities (e.g., field research for directed studies, off-Grounds employment interviews, etc.) may from time to time result in the studentsí being unable to attend class. Other reasons for missing class include illness, personal emergency, religious holidays, and military service. In all cases, students are expected to make every effort to avoid missing a class. When a class is missed, for any reason, the studentís actions in notifying the instructor, explaining the absence, and determining what additional work may be required should reflect the serious nature of the absence.

Rules associated with the implementation of this attendance policy or the effect of missing class on student grades are the responsibility of individual instructors and should be communicated to the students at the start of the semester.

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