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Special Tuition and Fee Information

Any person who undertakes any form of academic study within the University, including supervised research, or who uses any University facilities, or who consults regularly with a faculty member concerning graduate work, must register as a student and pay the research fees specified in chapter 2.

Tuition/Related Academic Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree   (a) Students must complete 72 credits of courses while regularly enrolled as graduate students; (b) full tuition must be paid for at least 54 credits other than non-topical research; (c) only 24 credits of a completed masterís degree from another institution may be counted toward either the 54 or 72 credit requirements. Therefore, at least 30 credits of regular courses (full tuition) and 48 credits overall must be completed at the University of Virginia (beyond the masterís degree).

Reduced University Charges   Students who are candidates for advanced degrees and who carry course loads of fewer than nine credits are permitted to pay reduced University tuition and/or fee charges. (Note: to establish full-time status for doctoral residency, at least twelve credits must be carried.)

A student not in residence at the University who wishes to return to receive a degree or take an examination must pay the non-resident fee during the semester or summer session during which the degree is conferred, and is exempt from all other fees. (Such examinations include comprehensives, research, qualifying exams, etc.)

Waiver of Fees for School Personnel   Individuals who are full-time employees of schools have the benefit of paying a reduced rate for any one class taken during an academic session. The special fee applies to full-time educators who are Virginia residents and (1) teachers, counselors, school psychologists and administrators in public K-12 schools or private schools who are members of the Virginia Council of Private Education and are accredited by such; or (2) educators employed by licensed K-12 residential schools (e.g., Little Keswick School); (3) full-time faculty in 4-year or community colleges. All other students, including full-time employees of other state institutions (e.g., the University, the hospital, etc.); substitute teachers, etc., are expected to pay the regular tuition and fees.

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