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Communication Disorders Facilities

The Communication Disorders Facilities provide clinical, research, and office space for programs in audiology, speech-language pathology, and speech and hearing science. Although the majority of classes are taught in the Curry School of Educationís Ruffner Hall facility, the program facilities have electronic conference room capabilities; speech and language science labs; behavioral and electrophysiological audiology and hearing science research labs; individual and group client assessment; treatment and research space; student research space; and a computer lab with Internet connections.

The Speech-Language-Hearing (SLH) Center, housed in the Communication Disorders Facility, is an integral component of the Curry Schoolís Communication Disorders Program and the Department of Human Services. The SLH Center is a full-service, ASHA-accredited clinical facility under the supervision of the faculty and staff of the Communication Disorders Program. It provides students in the speech pathology and audiology academic programs an opportunity to acquire experience working with individuals of all ages who have a wide range of speech, language, and/or hearing disorders.

Field Experiences, Associateships, Practica and Internships   Charlottesville and the surrounding area provide a rich resource for practical experiences for students in the Curry School of Education. The nature of a studentís particular field experience is determined by his or her field of specialization. It is impossible to list all of the sites available for students; the following list serves to illustrate the variety:

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
Kluge Childrenís Rehabilitation Center (associated with the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center)
Childrenís Service Center (regional diagnostic agency)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (in Quantico)
Federal Executive Institute
Learning Needs and Evaluation Center (counseling and psychological services)
Lynchburg Training Center (for severely retarded children)
public schools in Charlottesville and surrounding counties
University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
Oakland School
DeJarnette (state psychiatric institute for children and adolescents)

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