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Engineers and applied scientists use the knowledge of mathematics, the sciences and computer science to design and build physical devices, processes, structures, and systems that satisfy society's growing dependence on technology for health, safety and prosperity. Today's graduates will spend their careers in an evolving global market filled with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The School of Engineering and Applied Science therefore seeks to prepare and motivate its students to excel in their chosen endeavors by instilling in them the necessary attributes of knowledge, creativity, inquisitiveness, leadership, confidence, awareness, and ethical values.

Graduates must have a firm understanding of the fundamental principles of their discipline, the knowledge to design a system, component, or process to meet desired ends, and the ability to adapt innovative, ethical solutions to the problems of society. Because engineering and applied science graduates enjoy a broad range of career opportunities, it is also important that they understand research methods, have the ability to integrate broad interdisciplinary considerations, and have the confidence to pursue new professional activities. They must be capable of working in teams and leading them. In addition, they must be skilled in oral and written communication, and the use of computer tools and laboratory instruments appropriate to the discipline. Above all, they should acquire self-study habits in order to have a rich life-long learning experience.

While most graduates move directly into professional careers in industry and government, many others seek further academic preparation for careers as Ph.D. researchers or university faculty in engineering and applied science. Some use the degree to prepare for graduate programs in other areas such as M.B.A. programs, law school and medical school. The Office of the Dean welcomes inquiries from prospective applicants by phone or letter on career possibilities, program options, high school preparation, and other questions.

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