10: School of Engineering and Applied Science

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Facilities and Services

The School of Engineering and Applied Science is located in a complex of buildings, the main one being Thornton Hall, named after the first dean of engineering. Thornton Hall houses the School's administrative offices, the Departments of Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering; the Division of Technology, Culture, and Communication; and assorted research laboratories. South of Thornton Hall is Olsson Hall, which houses the Departments of Computer Science and Systems Engineering. Adjacent to these buildings are three buildings housing the Departments of Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. The Department of Biomedical Engineering is located in Stacey Hall, which is part of the Health Sciences Center. The Nuclear Reactor Facility and the Aerospace Research Laboratory are located on Mount Jefferson.

The Science and Engineering Library is located in Clark Hall. It includes books and bound journals, current scientific periodicals and technical serials and files of the graduate and undergraduate theses and dissertations. Reference service is available to all parts of the University, to other educational institutions, and to industry by the library staff and occasionally by others on the professional staff of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Close cooperation is maintained with the other University libraries, whose total resources of more than four million volumes are open to engineering students and faculty members.

The Office of Minority Programs, established in the School of Engineering and Applied Science in 1986, is available to help minority students by providing academic support, motivational activities, and financial assistance. The office provides for counseling, and other special services for both undergraduate and graduate students.

An Office of Career Services is available to help engineering students establish their career goals and strategies to achieve those objectives. The office provides resource material on career fields, job search strategies, interviewing techniques, and employment opportunities. The office also coordinates on-Grounds interviews in conjunction with the University's central career planning and placement office. This office manages the Co-operative Education Program, and develops a broad range of summer job opportunities.

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