10: School of Engineering and Applied Science

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Research and Development

The School of Engineering and Applied Science currently conducts a thriving and diversified $30 million per year research program under the sponsorship of various federal agencies and private companies. There are over 450 active research projects which support faculty, professional researchers, graduate and undergraduate students. These projects span a variety of engineering disciplines ranging from biotechnology to supersonic combustion for propulsion of aerospace planes, and provide an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate training in these areas.

Under the School of Engineering and Applied Science, research has led to the creation of special laboratories in areas of particular interest such as the Rotating Machinery and Controls Industrial Program, the Light Metals Center, theCenter for Electrochemical Science and Engineering, the Center for Semicustom Integrated Systems, the Institute for Parallel Computation, the Center for Risk Management of Engineering Systems, the Composite Mechanics Laboratory, the Injury Prevention Program, the Intelligent Processing of Materials Laboratory, the Mathematical-Computational Modeling Laboratory, the Center for Bioprocess/Product Development, the Center for Computer-Aided Engineering, the Applied Electrophysics Laboratory, the Center for Advanced Computational Technology, the Center for High Temperature Composites, the Center for Magnetic Bearings, the Center for Transportation Studies, and the Communications, Control, and Signal Processing Laboratory. Also, the Virginia Highway and Transportation Research Council is sponsored by the Virginia Department of Transportation in cooperation with the University .

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