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Course Enrollment

Except for students in extended programs or for special arrangements approved by the dean, each student in the School of Engineering and Applied Science must enroll for all courses required by the curriculum of the department in which he or she is enrolled. Substitutions of courses completed elsewhere by students entering with advanced standing must be approved by the dean, in consultation when necessary with the departmental faculty concerned.

Though the curricula change occasionally, students in continuous residence and making normal progress toward their degrees may graduate under the curriculum in force at the time they entered the School. When certain courses are discontinued, however, students will be required to take other courses which the faculty will designate as equivalent. Students may elect to graduate under a new or revised curriculum, provided they fulfill requirements and substitutions of that curriculum. (This statement does not apply to any of the various ROTC curricula, which are subject to change without notice, not permitting choices or substitutions.)

Note   Each student is responsible for the selection of his or her own program, for the fulfillment of prerequisites, and for the scheduling of all courses required by his or her curriculum. The dean and faculty will assist, but the duty of enrolling in and completing the full degree requirements rests primarily with the student.

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