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Computer Engineering (Electrical Engineering)

For those students with an interest in combining study in electrical engineering and computer science within the context of a degree program in electrical engineering, the department has designed a special curriculum in computer engineering. The computer engineering program consists of the electrical engineering curriculum augmented by appropriate computer science courses. The student who fulfills the following requirements earns a degree in electrical engineering with a minor in computer science.

Computer Engineering (degree in Electrical Engineering) Curriculum

The first two semesters of the computer engineering program are identical to those in the electrical engineering program.
Third Semester
APMA 205Calculus III 4
PHYS 241EGeneral Physics II 3
PHYS 241LGeneral Physics Laboratory I 1
CS 201Software Development Methods 3
CS 202Discrete Mathematics I 3
ENGR 203Electrical Science 3
Fourth Semester
APMA 206Differential Equations I 4
CS 216Program and Data Representation3
EE 204Electrical Circuits I 4
ENGR 208Digital Logic Design 3
TCC 2__TCC elective3
Fifth Semester
EE 309Electromagnetic Fields 3
EE 323Signals and Systems I 3
EE 335Microcomputers 4
General Education elective3
Technical elective3
Sixth Semester
APMA 310Probability 3
CS 340Advanced Software Development 3
EE 3__EE elective3
EE 3__EE elective3
General Education elective3
Seventh Semester
TCC 401Western Technology and Culture 3
CS 414Operating Systems 3
EE 435EE Computer Design 4 1/2
EE ___EE elective3
General Education elective3
Total16 1/2
Eighth Semester
TCC 402The Engineer in Society 3
EE 436Advanced Digital Design 4 1/2
EE ___EE elective3
CS ___CS elective3
Unrestricted elective3
Total16 1/2

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