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Technology Management and Policy

TMP 351 - (3) (Y)
The Technology and Product-Development Life Cycle

Prerequisite: Third-year standing or permission of instructor
Views technology, technology management, and product and process development from within a corporation. Emphasizes how firms manage or make decisions about technology and product development investments (research and development, project selection, product choices, process choices and improvement, new market introduction, product discontinuance or replacement). Course is built around a life cycle construct.

TMP 352 - (3) (Y)
Science and Technology Public Policy

Examines the "macro" aspects of science and technology management, namely the development of public policies aimed at promoting and regulating science and technology. Topics include: the justifications for the federal government's efforts to promote or regulate science and technology; the historical evolution of the federal government's involvement in science policy; the players, organizations, and agencies who make science policy in the federal government; the reasons the government funds the research it does; how science and technology is regulated by the government; and, the roles state and local governments play in the development of local science and technology policies. Explores how science and technology policies are developed in response to challenges posed by the world economy, and how other countries manage their science and technology policies.

TMP 399 - (3) (SI)
Case Studies in Technology Management and Policy

A special topics course examining the interaction of technology, management, and policy issues in a specific context. The course could be organized around a technology, a company, and industrial or governmental sector, a piece of legislation, a court decision, a social issue, a time-period, a political entity, or some combination of these.

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