11: School of Nursing

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Additional Expenses

Uniforms   Prospective students receive information covering uniforms with their letter of acceptance. Uniforms cost approximately $150.

School of Nursing Pin   (to be purchased prior to graduation) Pins cost approximately $138 (10K gold), $49 (gold-filled) and $39 (sterling).

Hospital Insurance   The Student Health Service does not provide for the expense of hospital care. The University requires that all students carry hospitalization insurance for year-round coverage. A preferred-risk group insurance program sponsored by the University is available. For an additional premium the dependents of married students are included. Students or parents may substitute a plan comparable to that offered by the University.

CPR Certification   Students are required to obtain certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for adult, child and infant prior to entering clinical courses. Certification must be maintained throughout the program and validation must be presented each year.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Requirement   The School of Nursing requires documentation of hepatitis B vaccine from all students who practice in a clinical setting. No student will be allowed to register for clinical courses without providing such documentation. Information regarding the vaccine can be obtained from your local health care provider, Student Health or the Office of Student Affairs. Students who do not wish to receive the vaccine must sign a disclaimer which states that they understand the potential risks.

MMR, TD, and PPD Requirements   Documentation of current measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) immunization and tetanus booster (TD) is required for all students in clinical courses. Tuberculosis testing (PPD) is required on an annual basis for all students enrolled in clinical courses.

Diagnostic Readiness Test   Students are required to complete a standardized diagnostic test that evaluates their readiness to take the licensure examination. The test is administered in the spring of the fourth year and costs each student approximately $35.

Community Learning Experiences   Students are responsible for transportation to and from clinical learning sites. Agencies in Charlottesville and neighboring counties are used for clinical experiences and students must have a car available for individual use while studying in those agencies. Community learning experiences begin in the second year of the program.

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