11: School of Nursing

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Leave of Absence

A student in good standing may request a leave of absence from the School of Nursing for up to two semesters. Requests for leaves of absence must be submitted in writing to the Associate Dean of the School of Nursing. Readmission following a leave of absence will be granted only if space is available.

Second degree students who do not wish to immediately progress to the master's portion of the program following completion of the requirements for the baccalaureate degree may request a leave of absence not to exceed two semesters. A leave of absence fee must be paid if the student wishes to keep his or her file active and take part in course enrollment for the semester in which return from the leave of absence is planned.

If more than two semesters elapse between completion of the baccalaureate requirements and enrollment in the master's portion of the program, the student will be dropped from the School. The student must formally apply for admission to the M.S.N. Program if he or she wishes to pursue the master's degree at some future point. Formal application to the program includes completion of the master's application form and submission of all the required supporting materials.

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