11: School of Nursing

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Course Load

Special permission from the associate dean is required to register for fewer than 12 credits or more than 18 credits each semester. Students who register for fewer than 12 credits have a notation placed on their academic record indicating that they were enrolled for a reduced course load during that semester.

Substitution/Transfer of Courses  The University of Virginia School of Nursing accepts a maximum of 66 credits of transfer credit toward the baccalaureate degree.

If a second degree student requests an exemption from a required nursing course because of having had similar content in prior course work, the prior course work will be assessed for relevancy and similarity. Upon approval, the student will receive advanced standing in the required nursing course and will not need to take the course if the course credit does not result in the student exceeding the School of Nursing's limit of 66 credits of transfer credit. If the course credit exceeds the School of Nursing's 66 credits, the student will have to substitute another course to make up the credits.

Changes in Class Schedules   Changes in students' class schedules are made via the ISIS telephone system. In the event admission to a course is with the permission of the instructor, a form signed by the instructor is submitted to the dean's office. Students may add and drop full-semester courses through the deadlines stated in the Course Offering Directory. Half-semester courses can be dropped only within two weeks after the first day of classes.

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