11: School of Nursing

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Credit/No Credit Grades

Students have the option of receiving the grades CR (credit) or NC (no credit) in place of the regular grades A through F for a given course. This option is selected when students register for courses. Instructors have the right to refuse to permit students to take courses on a CR/NC basis. If this occurs, students may either change back to the regular grading option or they may drop the courses entirely. Courses taken for CR/NC may not be used for any major or basic area requirements.

School of Nursing students may take six credits of CR/NC courses. These credits may include only the synthesis practicum, nursing electives, and general education electives. The last day to change the CR/NC option is the same as the last day to add a course. Students may not use a CR/NC course to repeat a course in which a grade has already been given.

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