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The Nursing Major

The health care delivery system is currently evolving at an accelerated rate, and, since people want health care as well as illness care, faculty members at the University of Virginia, School of Nursing have developed a curriculum to respond to the changing societal needs. We believe that a nurse prepared at the baccalaureate level shares with other health professionals the primary goals of promoting, maintaining, and restoring health, caring for the ill, and assisting individuals and families through the dying process.

Courses in the School of Nursing are composed of two discrete but interrelated elements--Interprofessional and Core. Interprofessional courses are designed to facilitate transition to the role of health care provider and include social science and natural science content with special application to health care. Selected interprofessional courses are open to all students within the University.

The nursing core courses include basic knowledge and skills needed to practice professional nursing at a beginning level. Clinical and classroom experiences and academic work provide a broad basis for nursing practice related to both acute and chronic illness and health promotion. The emphasis is on individuals, families, and groups with varying levels of health and at all points in the life cycle. In addition, issues related to professional nursing are also included.

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