11: School of Nursing

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Purpose and Objectives of the Undergraduate Program

The purpose of the undergraduate program is to prepare professional nurses to assist in meeting the health care needs of individuals, families and communities within the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nation. Graduates of the program will:
  1. Utilize the nursing process as a framework for providing professional nursing care that includes health promotion and protection, disease prevention, acute and chronic illness care, rehabilitation activities, and care for the dying.
  2. Integrate relevant knowledge from the arts, humanities, natural, physical and social sciences into the practice of professional nursing.
  3. Provide nursing care that demonstrates professional values and standards including the ethical and legal aspects of nursing practice.
  4. Incorporate knowledge of the culturally diverse needs of individuals, families, groups, and communities into their nursing care.
  5. Collaborate with other health care professionals to address current and emerging health care needs of all segments of society.
  6. Incorporate relevant research findings into professional nursing practice.
  7. Demonstrate leadership in improving the quality of nursing and health care.
  8. Participate in activities that promote professional development and enrich the profession.
  9. Be responsible and accountable for their own practice.
  10. Demonstrate a commitment to life long learning.

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