11: School of Nursing

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Degree Requirements | Curriculum: Traditional
Curriculum: R.N. to B.S.N. Option | Curriculum: Second Degree to M.S.N. Option

Curriculum: Traditional

69 nursing credits
51 general education credits

First Year
NUCO 103Introduction to the World of Nursing3
Second Year
NUCO 301Clinical and Interactive Skills I3
NUCO 302Clinical and Interactive Skills II2
NUCO 303Introduction to Nursing and Health Care Services3
NUIP 316Principles of Nutrition3
NUCO 323Client Assessment3
NUIP 340Life Span Development3
Third Year
NUIP 310Pathology and Clinical Management I3
NUIP 311Pathology and Clinical Management II4
NUCO 331Basic Nursing Care of Adult and Elders4
NUCO 332Nursing Care of Children and Families4
NUCO 333Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family3
NUIP 343Principles of Pharmacology3
NUIP 414Fundamentals of Nursing Research2
Fourth Year
NUIP 415Principles of Administration for Health Professionals3
NUCO 430The Nurse as a Professional2
NUCO 471Nursing Management of Common Health Problems5
NUCO 472Nursing Management of Complex Health Problems3
NUCO 473Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing5
NUCO 474Community Health Nursing5
NUCO 475Synthesis Practicum3

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