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Course Descriptions

HR 401 - (3)
Management of Organizations

(formerly COMM 361) Presents a broad view of management theories and principles. Topics include historical and current trends in management, how organizations plan and make decisions, leadership, and resource management.

HR 402 - (3)
Human Resource Management

Prerequisite: HR 401
(formerly COMM 463) Survey course touching on all aspects of individual (as opposed to systemic) HR management. Topics include employee relations, job satisfaction, personnel selection and placement, job analysis and design, techniques of interviewing, performance appraisal and training, and wage and salary administration.

HR 403 - (3)
Organizational Change and Development

Prerequisite: HR 401
(formerly COMM 467) Analysis of the key concepts and theories in organizational behavior and organizational development. Focuses on the studentís development of the diagnostic skills necessary to effectively manage organizational change. Also deals with specific issues such as downsizing.

HR 404 - (3)
Human Behavior in Organizations

Prerequisite: HR 401
(formerly COMM 462) Helps students develop conceptual, diagnostic, and personal skills for dealing with human interaction in complex organizations. Also addresses issues arising from the diverse nature of todayís workforce.

HR 405 - (3)
Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Resources

Prerequisite: HR 401
Addresses personnel laws and issues including, but not limited to, the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991, FLSA, ADA, FMLA, ERISA, selected immigration laws, affirmative action, sexual harassment, and other issues of gender and racial/ethnic equity. Also deals with business ethics issues as they relate to HR.

HR 406 - (3)
Strategic Human Resources Management

Prerequisite: HR 401, HR 402, HR 403, HR 404, HR 405
A capstone course bringing together material in all the other core courses and addressing the strategic role HR managers must play in the larger organization.

HR 407 - (3)
Human Resources Information Systems

Explores the various information systems now in use in HR. A hands-on course.

HR 408 - (3)
Compensation and Benefits

Provides a working knowledge of compensation theory and the variety of methods organizations use to compensate their employees.

HR 409 - (3)
Recruiting, Placement, Performance Appraisal, and Outplacement

Addresses HR recruitment planning, actual recruiting, job placement, performance appraisal, and outplacement (whether from layoffs, downsizing, or firing).

HR 410 - (3)
Employee Development

Addresses training and development at all levels of the organization from initial orientation to executive development. Discusses various models including in-house training, using vendors, and developing partnerships with colleges and universities.

HR 411 - (3)
Consulting Theory and Practice

Prepares HR professionals to be more effective internal consultants, to do consultative selling of HR programs, and to work with outside agencies to meet their organization's needs.

HR 412 - (3)
Business Communication

Emphasizes the art of writing and speaking and the craft of revising and editing one's own work. Focuses on direct, concise, reader-oriented business communications and helps participants develop and focus a purpose, create powerful sentences, adjust tone, and clearly communicate ideas. Participants prepare speeches, letters, and memoranda.

HR 413 - (3)
Financial Management

Addresses financial management for HR professionals with little or no background in finance.

HR 414 - (3)
Labor Relations

(formerly COMM 464) Detailed examination of the National Labor Relations Act. Also addresses negotiation and conflict resolution, labor theory, labor history, and labor economics.

HR 415 - (3)
Topics in Labor Economics

Examines three topics in American labor economics: unemployment in the United States today: what causes it, why it persists, and what can be done about it; the impact of discrimination in labor markets, both from a theoretical and historical perspective; and the real effects of labor unions on the economy. Cross-listed as ECON 516.

HR 416 - (3)
Current Topics in HR

Provides a forum for addressing timely topics in human resources such as downsizing, reengineering, 360-degree feedback, and telecommuting. (See course schedule for each semester's topic(s).

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