2: Admission to the University of Virginia

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Dual Enrollment

In many cases, high school students who have not yet attended college full-time may be able to receive credit for dual-enrollment classes (college courses taken as part of their high school program). Each undergraduate school at the University handles dual-enrollment credit differently, so entering students should check with the dean's office of their school to confirm its guidelines for awarding dual-enrollment credit. Since the majority of students enter the College of Arts and Sciences, their policy on dual-enrollment credit follows:

Students entering the College of Arts and Sciences who took dual-enrollment courses in high school should have a transcript sent to the University of Virginia, College of Arts and Sciences, Garrett Hall, Charlottesville, VA 22903. The deans' office in the College evaluates each transcript, and the student may check with his or her faculty advisor upon arrival to see what credit has been earned.

Students who have earned 24 or more hours of college credit during any one academic year through a dual-enrollment program must apply to the College of Arts and Sciences as transfer students. College students cannot repeat any courses for which they have earned dual-enrollment credit.

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