2: Admission to the University of Virginia

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Special Student Information

Special students may enroll in courses at the University through Continuing Education. Refer to chapter 12, sections on the Citizen Scholar Program and the Special Student Program, for guidelines. Admission as a citizen scholar or a special student does not imply or guarantee admission to a degree program in an undergraduate or graduate school of the University.

Part-time Degree Program   The College of Arts and Sciences, and the Schools of Architecture (only programs in architectural history and planning), Engineering and Applied Science, and Nursing offer part-time degree programs. Prospective students follow the same application procedures required for the full-time program. Architecture and Engineering and Applied Science require students to have completed two years of college work and be eligible to enter in the third-year class. Nursing restricts the part-time program to Registered Nurses only. Arts and Sciences normally requires applicants to have completed two years of college work, but will also consider applications from first- and second-year students whose personal circumstances warrant it. Part-time students admitted to Arts and Sciences are ineligible for intermediate honors and the dean's list; the student's satisfactory progress is assessed on an individual basis, but if the student's current grade point average falls below 1.8 or the student earns more than one grade below C- in a given semester, the student receives an academic warning. The student may be subject to the College's standard rules regarding academic suspension. After earning 54 hours, good standing within the major is an expectation for continuation as a part-time degree student in Arts and Sciences.

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