2: Admission to the University of Virginia

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Echols Scholars

From each entering class some 170-200 students who exhibit exceptional academic prowess and self-direction are invited to enter the Echols Scholars Program in the College of Arts and Sciences. The program provides a combination of opportunities and freedom for the scholars. First-year Echols scholars live together with the Rodman scholars of the Engineering School. Echols scholars have priority registration for the courses they choose, and access to a special interdisciplinary Echols Majors Program. Select faculty from across the disciplines serve as advisors to the scholars, and Echols scholars are exempt from the foreign language, second writing, and area requirements. An e-mail network provides communication to and among the scholars, and an Echols council of students offers a variety of social and intellectual programs. The Echols program has a faculty director and its own academic dean.

All first-year applicants to the College of Arts and Sciences are automatically considered for the Echols program prior to their entrance into the University. Although there are no absolute criteria for selection, Echols scholars generally come from the top five percent of the entering class and are avid, aggressive learners who demonstrate intellectual and personal liveliness as well as strong academic performance. They will have done very well in the strongest programs their schools offer. Students not chosen for the program upon entry into the University may apply to the Echols program in their second semester of residence.

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