2: Admission to the University of Virginia

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McIntire School of Commerce

Transfer Requirements   A student who wishes to transfer to the School of Commerce from another institution must have completed two years of college work and must have maintained a scholastic average which in the opinion of the admission committee predicts successful work at the University. A minimum grade point average of B+ is recommended. Applicants for transfer from other institutions are accepted for September admission only and must file their applications by March l. Students seeking admission to the School of Commerce must have completed a minimum of 54 credits of work prior to enrollment in the fall. The 54 credits should include the following courses:
Introductory Accounting6 credits
(two courses)
Principles of Economics6 credits
(two courses)
English Composition [1]3 credits
(one course)
Mathematics [2]6 credits
(two courses)
Computer Programming [3]3 credits
(one course)
Humanities/Fine Arts [4]3-6 credits
Foreign Language [4]0-14 credits
Social, Natural/Physical Science [4]0-3 credits

[1]An additional three credits of English writing (not necessarily an English course) is suggested (not required) before admission. A course in public speaking is strongly recommended (not required) before admission.
[2]Three credits in statistics (from a department of mathematics) and three credits in either calculus or probability.
[3]BASIC, PASCAL, or C++ are recommended.
[4]Requirements as defined in the Record, College of Arts and Sciences chapter, area requirements section. Three humanities credits are required prior to enrollment. Three additional credits of humanities along with three credits of social, natural/physical sciences are required before graduation and may be taken either before or after admission to the McIntire School. The humanities and foreign language prerequisites may, under unusual circumstances be completed during the third year.

Transfer Credit   Credit toward a degree is allowed for approved work completed in an accredited college or university or in other schools of this University upon presentation of a satisfactory transcript of record. However, no credit is given for a required upper-level commerce course unless such course is taken in the School of Commerce. No adjustment of transfer credit is made after the studentís first semester in the School of Commerce.

In general, credit is not granted for:

  1. Work completed with a grade of less than C;
  2. Work completed elsewhere by re-examination;
  3. Correspondence or home study courses;
  4. Business courses beyond the elementary courses in accounting; or
  5. More than one credit of physical or health education courses.

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