2: Admission to the University of Virginia

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Curry School of Education

Transfer Requirements   Students who wish to transfer to the University of Virginia apply directly through the Office of Admission (Miller Hall), preferably for admission to the second-year class. Transferring into the third year in teacher education requires attendance in summer school prior to the fall term. Individuals interested in teacher education enroll in the College of Arts and Sciences, with a secondary emphasis in teacher education. Students wishing programs in communication disorders or physical education (including teaching or sports medicine) should enroll directly in the Curry School of Education. To be competitive for admission, it is recommended that a transfer student have a cumulative grade point average of B+ or better. Also, the applicant should submit SAT I or ACT scores by March 1 and should have completed course work in the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and physical education (refer to sections in chapter 9, Teacher Education Degree Programs, Sports Studies: Sports Medicine, and Communication Disorders for detailed information about required courses).

Applicants who have completed more than two years (66 credits) of college work are not eligible for admission to programs in the Curry School of Education.

Transfer Credit   Transfer credit is allowed for general education courses that correspond to ones offered at the University. A transfer course must be equivalent in credit value and course content (including level at which taught) and the student must have received a grade of at least C. Courses corresponding to our general education courses taken at an institution using the pass/fail grading system and on which a grade of "passing" or better has been received are transferred with full credit. Transfer is generally not allowed for work passed elsewhere by re-examination. Once a student is enrolled in the Curry School, all additional transfer credit must be approved prior to its completion elsewhere. Official evaluation of transfer credit is done by the Dean of the Curry School of Education, or the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for B.A.-M.T. students.

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