2: Admission to the University of Virginia

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School of Engineering and Applied Science

Transfer Requirements   In every case, an applicant for transfer admission must be in good academic and social standing at any college which he or she is currently attending or has previously attended, and must be eligible to return there. A transfer student should have maintained at least a B+ average, or the equivalent, in previous college work. An applicant for transfer admission should have completed course work in the following areas prior to enrollment at the University:
Calculusat least eight credits
Chemistryat least four credits of general college chemistry (including lab)
Physicsat least four credits of calculus-based college physics
English Compositionthree credits
Computer Sciencethree credits of introductory computer programming (C++ is preferred)

In evaluating the academic records of transfer applicants, special attention will be given to performance in mathematics and science courses.

Transfer Credit   A student is granted transfer credit for any course that corresponds to one in the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s curriculum, which is equivalent in content and credit value to the corresponding course, and in which a grade of C or better has been received. No credit is allowed for work passed elsewhere by re-examination.

Courses submitted for transfer credit are evaluated prior to fall registration, and transfer students are notified in writing of transfer credit granted upon arrival.

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