2: Admission to the University of Virginia

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School of Nursing

Transfer students typically enter the traditional nursing program after one year of college-level work; students transferring after two years of college work must still spend three years at the University to earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Thus, students enter in the fall semester as second-year nursing students unless application is made to one of the non-traditional programs listed below.

An applicant for transfer admission to the School of Nursing must be in good standing at any college which he or she is currently attending or has previously attended, and must be eligible to return there.

An applicant must have completed at least 30 credits of prerequisite course work and maintained a scholastic average (a cumulative grade point average of B or better is recommended) which in the opinion of the Committee on Admission is indicative of successful work at the University.

Selection of applicants to the School of Nursing is competitive, based primarily on scholastic ability demonstrated by academic records of pre-nursing study, secondary school records, and scores on the SAT I or ACT.

Students wishing to transfer after one or two years of college work must have completed a minimum of 30 credits of the following general education requirements:

English Composition - 3 credits - Required for students except those who are exempt from the requirement by scoring 720 or higher on the SAT II Subject Test in Writing or 4 or 5 on the English AP Test. (Students who are exempt from english composition must take an additional 3-credit elective.)

Second Writing Requirement - 3 credits - A second course with extensive writing assignments is required of all students. In most cases, students will take this course at the University.

Natural Science and Math - 12 credits - Anatomy and physiology are recommended. Other acceptable courses include mathematics, chemistry, physics, genetics, environmental science, geology, and ecology. Students considering graduate education are encouraged to take statistics.

Social Science and History - 9 credits - Acceptable courses include history, government, psychology, sociology, economics, Western civilization, political science, and anthropology.

Humanities and Fine Arts - 9 credits - Acceptable courses include philosophy, ethics, public speaking, art, religion, music, drama, and foreign languages.

Electives - 17 or more credits to total 53 credits.

Note   Three courses (up to 7 credits) in physical education or skills courses such as studio art or music performance may be counted toward these elective credit requirements.

Non-traditional Nursing Programs   Registered nurses who have completed required general education prerequisite courses may apply for transfer admission to a program in the School of Nursing which leads to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

A student holding a baccalaureate degree in another major may also apply to the School of Nursing for an innovative program leading to the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nursing. A full year of anatomy and physiology, and an undergraduate course in statistics are required for admission to this program, as well as results from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Questions regarding specific admission requirements for these programs may be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs in the School of Nursing.

Transfer Credit   On presentation of an official transcript, students accepted for transfer to the School of Nursing will be granted transfer credit for academic course work taken at an accredited institution if the grade earned was at least a C or better. Questions regarding acceptability of specific general education courses for transfer should be referred to the Office of Student Affairs in the School of Nursing. Questions about transfer of nursing courses should be directed to the Office of the Associate Dean.

Application Procedures   Transfer students applying for admission after one year of college-level work enter the School of Nursing at the start of the regular academic session in the fall.

Interview   A personal interview with a member of the faculty or staff of the School of Nursing is not required but is recommended for informational purposes. Appointments may be made with the Office of Student Affairs by calling (804) 924-0068.

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