4: Tuition, Fees, Housing, and Dining

Tuition and Fees | University Housing | Dining Services and Facilities

Tuition, Required Fees, and Activities Fee | Registration and Payment of Fees | Installment Payment Plan
Withdrawal from the University | Other Fees and Special Charges | Failure to Pay University Financial Obligations
General Payment Policies | Auditing Courses | Estimated Personal Expenses | Additional Expenses
Veterans' Benefits | Special Arrangements for Students with a Learning Need or Disability
Senior Citizens | Academic Common Market | Classification as an In-State Student

Additional Expenses

School of Engineering and Applied Science   First-year students in this School have an additional expense of approximately $30 for drawing instruments. An inexpensive hand-held electronic calculator with scientific functions (priced about $30 to $100) is also useful.

School of Architecture   Students in this school have an additional expense of approximately $150 for supplies.

School of Nursing   A detailed explanation of personal expenses appears in chapter 11.

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