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Foreign Language Houses

The language houses at the University are designed to provide an opportunity for intensive language learning and cultural experience for students who live there. Students are required to speak the foreign language (i.e., French, German, Spanish, or Russian) at all times in the common areas; at least one native speaking graduate student typically lives in the house. Students must have at least an intermediate knowledge of the language to qualify for admission to the houses (but are not necessarily language majors).

Russian   Located at 102 Cresap Road, the Russian House is home to nine students and a faculty advisor. Double and single rooms are available. Common areas include a living room, a dining room, and community kitchen. Visit the Russian House on-line at www.virginia.edu/~slavic.

La Maison Française   Located at 1404 Jefferson Park Avenue. Some 29 undergraduate students live together with several graduate students (one visiting from France) in either triple, double, or single room accommodations. Common areas include a dining room, a parlor, a library, and a seminar room. Visit La Maison Française on-line at www.virginia.edu/~french/maison/maison.html

Max Kade German House   Located at 581 Brandon Avenue, the German House typically houses 11 undergraduate students and one house manager in double and single rooms. Common areas include a living room, dining room, and community kitchen. Visit the German House on-line at www.virginia.edu/~german.

La Casa Bolíver   Located at 1408 Jefferson Park Avenue, the Spanish House accommodates 24 students in 8 single and 8 double rooms, including a fully accessible (ADA compliant) room on the ground floor. Common areas include a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and two sitting areas. Visit La Casa Bolíver on-line at www.virginia.edu/~spitpo/house.html.

All language house rooms are wired for voice, data, and cable television. Application and assignment to the language houses are coordinated through departmental contacts at the French department (924-7158), the German department (924-3530), the Slavic department (924-3548), and the Spanish department (924-7159). For additional information, contact Accommodations (804) 924-6873; Fax: (804) 924-3758; housing@virginia.edu.

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