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Housing Regulations

All students entering any of the undergraduate schools directly from secondary school are required to live in one of the residence houses during their first two regular semesters at the University. The Associate Director of the Housing Division may authorize, upon request, exceptions to this residence requirement in cases involving students who will live at home with their families. Married or single parent students who will establish their homes at the University should also request exemption.

Upperclass and graduate students may live in University accommodations on the Grounds, in fraternity or sorority houses, or in privately owned accommodations.

All rooms in University facilities are rented subject to the University Housing Terms and Conditions of Residence. This includes billing students for facility damages. When specific responsibility for damage cannot be determined, all costs are divided equally among the residents of that unit.

Students are strongly encouraged to obtain personal property insurance as the University is not responsible for damage to resident's property.

Rental charges for University housing for the 1998-99 session are listed below. For information regarding rental rates for University-owned accommodations, contact (804) 924-6873.

Rental Rates, Nine Month Session
Single StudentsPer Occupant
McCormick Road Houses
Single Room$1,970
Double Room$1,870
Small Double Room$1,700
Alderman Road/Observatory Hill Houses
Double Room$1,960
The Lawn
Regular Single Room$2,340
Small Single Room$2,340
Small Single (no fireplace)$2,270
Mary Munford & Roberta Gwathmey
Single Room$2,340
Double Room$1,960
Stadium Road Houses
Single Room$2,500
Double Room$2,230
Faulkner Apartment Complex
Single Room$2,540
Large Single Room$3,110
Sprigg Lane Houses
Single Room$2,500
Single Room (Private Bath)$2,630
Double Room$2,230
583 Brandon Avenue (Bice House)
Lambeth Field
Copeley III, IV
Brown College at Monroe Hill
(Residential College)
Double Room$2,460
Hereford College
Single Room$2,460
Double Room $2,340
La Maison Française (French House)
Single Room$2,550
Double Room$2,230
Triple Room$2,120
Max Kade (German House)
Single Room or Double Room$2,270
La Casa Bolíver (Spanish House)
Single Room$2,550
Double Room$2,270
Russian House
Single Room$2,490
Double Room$2,160

Monthly Rent: Family Housing (unfurnished)
(Including utilities except telephone.)[1]
University Gardens
Copeley Hill
[1]Rates listed are effective July 1, 1998 with furnished apartments costing an additional $26 per month.

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