4: Tuition, Fees, Housing, and Dining

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Residential Colleges and Language Houses

Students enrolled in Hereford or Brown residential colleges must choose a residential meal program from the list that follows. These programs include banquets and special events which are part of the residential college experience. First-year students must select either the Unlimited, Plus 15 or Plus 13 meal program.

Meal PlanPlus $Guest MealsCost/Semester
Plus 15$2005/sem.$1270
Plus 13$2505/sem.$1270
Plus 10$3905/sem.$1270
Upperclass 10$1755/sem.$1050
Semester 100$175[1]$765
Semester 80$175[1]$670

[1]There is no limit on the number of your meals you may use for guests on the semester plans.

Required Meals
Brown College   requires that all residents eat Sunday brunch and dinner, and dinners Monday through Thursday in the designated residential dining facility. Friday lunch may also be used as a Brown College residential meal at Newcomb Hall.

Hereford College   requires that all residents eat at Runk Dining for Sunday brunch and dinner and two additional dinners between Monday and Thursday evening.

Language Houses   The French and Spanish language houses require that all residents participate in a Language House Meal Program. Students are required to eat dinner Monday through Thursday at their respective language house.

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