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Students who have completed all degree requirements in their major and in their school are granted a degree by the University of Virginia. A list of the degrees conferred by the University and the minimum number of credits required for each degree is included in Part II. A minimum grade point average of 2.0 in courses required for graduation is necessary to receive a diploma from the University. Students who graduate in May can receive their diplomas at the commencement exercises held on the Lawn, or they may pay a fee to have the diploma mailed to them. Students who graduate in August or December may either pick up their diploma in the Office of the University Registrar, or pay a fee to have the diploma mailed to them.

Persons receiving diplomas must be registered at the University during the semester in which they receive the degree. Those not carrying any courses must register as non-residents and pay the non-resident fee in order to graduate from the University.

Students may earn a degree from only one undergraduate school in a semester. Students who complete the requirements for more than one undergraduate degree program will be awarded a double major. This notation is placed on the transcript, but not on the diploma.

Lost or damaged diplomas may be replaced upon written request and payment of a $25 replacement fee plus a mailing fee. Return of the damaged diploma is required. If the original diploma is lost, a notarized statement verifying the loss is required. If the original diploma is not returned, the new diploma will have the word "replacement" inscribed at the bottom of the document.

When the original diploma is not lost or damaged, additional copies are available upon request and payment of a $50 duplication fee plus a mailing fee. Duplicate diplomas have the word "copy" inscribed at the bottom of the document.

Both replacement and duplicate diplomas will be printed in the format currently in use. When available, the degree title and the signatures of the president, dean, and registrar in use at the time the original diploma was awarded will appear on the replacement or duplicate; but the title and/or signatures currently in use will be substituted if necessary. If a replacement diploma is ordered for which the original signatures or degree title are not available, the word "replacement" will be inscribed at the bottom of the document, regardless of whether or not the original is returned. All diplomas will be printed with the original graduation date.

Additional information about replacement and duplicate diplomas can be obtained by contacting the diploma coordinator at the Office of the University Registrar.

The University reserves the right to withhold the diplomas of financially delinquent students.

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