5: University Regulations

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Awards for Academic Excellence

Exceptional academic achievement is recognized by the University through various honors. The types of honors and their requirements are listed below. The honors and distinguished majors programs available in the College of Arts and Sciences are described in chapter 6.

Dean's List   Full-time students become eligible for the dean's list of their school at the end of each semester by demonstrating superior academic achievement. Students must take a minimum of 12 credits (15 credits in Architecture, Commerce and Engineering) for graded credit, e.g., no courses taken on a credit/no-credit basis may be counted toward the minimum of 12 credits necessary to be on the dean's list. Any student receiving an F, NC or NG during a semester is ineligible to be on the dean's list. Minimum grade point average requirements for the dean's list may vary by school, and are detailed in subsequent chapters.

Intermediate Honors   Students who enter the University directly from high school or preparatory school and who, after four regular semesters meet the requirements stipulated by their school, are awarded a Certificate of Intermediate Honors and have the notation "intermediate honors" placed on their official academic records. Specific credit and grade point average requirements for intermediate honors may vary by school, and are detailed in subsequent chapters.

Theses and Commencement Honors   Students who demonstrate high academic achievement in pursuit of a bachelor's degree are eligible to have their achievement recognized with certain inscriptions recorded on their official academic records and diplomas. The honors designations and requirements for each school are detailed in subsequent chapters.

Phi Beta Kappa   To be eligible for election to Phi Beta Kappa, students must have done distinguished work in advanced courses in several Arts and Sciences departments. While no set grade point average is established for election, successful nominees have usually earned at least a 3.7, taken upper-level work in several departments in the College, and carried more than the minimum permitted 12-credit course load.

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