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  1. Pre-entrance Health Record - All students admitted to the University must submit a health history form and record of immunizations before they register for their first semester. The University sends the form to students after they have accepted an offer of admission.
  2. Health Insurance - The University requires all students to have health insurance to pay the cost of hospitalization, outpatient treatment of accidental injuries, and outpatient diagnostic tests and procedures. Students may enroll either in the health insurance plan sponsored by the University of Virginia Student Council or in a substitute insurance plan that students (or their parents) feel is comparable. The Student Council-sponsored insurance carrier will send information concerning its plan during the summer to all students entering or returning to the University in the fall. Students entering the University at other times should contact Student Health directly for enrollment information.
  3. Failure to comply with immunization or insurance requirements results in blocked registration until verification is provided.
  4. Medical Withdrawal/Readmission - Student Health must review requests for readmission by students who originally withdrew for medical reasons. If a family or personal physician was involved in the withdrawal and recommendation to resume studies, a letter in this regard should sent to Student Health, Division of General Medicine.

Anyone with questions relating to the health of students should write to the Director, Department of Student Health, Health Sciences Center Box 378, Charlottesville, VA 22908.

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