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Department of French Language and Literature

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Overview   The major in French is designed to afford the student a broad background and the opportunity to pursue specialized interests in one or a combination of key areas. Students find the major interdisciplinary in nature and a solid preparation for a multitude of careers.

Faculty   The department's commitment to breadth and depth is reflected in the range and intellectual diversity of its professors, who study and teach all periods of French and Francophone literature from formal, historical, or post-modern perspectives, all aspects of the structure and the history of the French language, and the interplay of society and its intellectual and artistic productions.

Students   Currently, 120 students major in French. More than half have two majors. The most popular combinations with French are government, comparative literature, English, and pre-medicine. Although some French majors use the program as a stepping stone to teaching, others find it useful for business, government careers, and service with international agencies. To others still, the analytical and writing skills the major cultivates provide a solid preparation for professional school.

Special Resources
La Maison Française   The French House, a restored Victorian mansion, lodges students who speak only French in the common areas. Students may apply during their first year at the University and may live there during their second, third, and fourth years. Applicants to the house need not be French majors.

Requirements for Major   Totaling 30 credits (or ten three-credit courses), the major in French requires FREN 331 followed by FREN 332, and any other eight courses selected by the student in consultation with a department advisor. Of these eight courses, at least three must be at the 400 level or above (language, culture, or literature). 400-level literature courses must be preceded by at least one 300-level literature course unless the student is exempted by the instructor or the major advisor. 300-level conversation courses (FREN 311, FREN 333, and FREN 334) and FREN 335 (Writing Workshop), carry no credit toward the major or minor.

Distinguished Majors Program   The DMP is available to French majors presenting an overall GPA of at least 3.4 and departmental GPA of 3.5 in courses on the 300-level or above. The DMP consists of FREN 498 and FREN 499, as well as one advanced major course taken for honors. Application for admission is normally made in the spring of the third year.

Combined B.A.-M.T. Program   Anyone interested in teaching French on the secondary level may wish to look into the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Teaching Program, offered jointly with the Curry School of Education. This five-year program involves both a complete major in French following a specified curriculum and a course of study leading to professional teaching licensure. It is a complex program and requires careful planning. This program is described in the Undergraduate Record; both the College of Arts and Sciences section and the Curry School of Education section should be consulted. For details beyond those published in the Curry School's section of the Record (Teacher Degree Programs), please consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Requirements for Minor   Totaling 18 credits (or six three-credit courses), the minor in French is fulfilled by completion of FREN 331 and FREN 332 or the equivalent, plus four electives chosen from among those that carry credit toward the major. At least one of the electives must be on the 400 level.

Note   By arrangement, up to twelve credits of appropriate major credit (or six credits of appropriate credit for the minor) may be earned in an approved program abroad.

Placement of first-year students presenting admissions credit in French is normally based on the SAT French Achievement Test or the corresponding department test. AP scores may be substituted, and 300-level course credit granted according to the following rules: with a 4 on the AP language examination, students have fulfilled the language requirement, and are normally required to take FREN 332 before moving on to more advanced work. Students presenting a score of 5 and those having taken the AP French literature exam are asked to contact an advisor in the department.

Additional Information   For more information, contact Robert F. Cook, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of French Language and Literature, 302 Cabell Hall, Charlottesville, VA 22903; (804) 924-7158; rfc@virginia.edu.

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