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Student Performance, Probation, and Suspension

Student Performance   Student performance in each professional subject in the Department of Architecture is reviewed by the faculty at the end of each term. A student is expected to achieve at least a C- in each of the following professional courses: ARCH 201, 202, 301, 302, 303, 304, 324, and 401. A grade of C in a studio course should be considered as grounds for reconsideration of continuing in the studio sequence. Grades of D or F in any of the courses listed above results in repeating the course. A grade of F in any required course results in repeating the course. If in the judgement of the faculty, a student has not achieved an appropriate standard of performance in a professional subject, he or she may be required to repeat one or both terms of this course before proceeding with the next level of work in this subject. There is an approved student grievance procedure relative to grades.

Probation   Students are placed on probation if, (1) they do not pass at least 12 credits of work in any semester following the first semester, or if, (2) their cumulative grade-point average falls below 2.0 after the completion of the first semester. Enrollment in advanced professional course work is allowed only for students with grade point averages of 2.0 or better. A third probation, or probation following suspension, results in a final suspension.

Suspension  Students are suspended if they do not pass at least ten credits of work in any semester following their first semester. Students who have been suspended only once may appeal to the faculty in the School of Architecture for readmission, only after passing, in the Summer Session of this University with grades of at least C in each course, a minimum of six credits of courses approved by the Dean of the School of Architecture. Courses taken in Continuing Education or any other institution are not accepted for degree credit or as a basis for application for readmission. No student suspended a second time may be readmitted.

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