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Academic Regulations

Course Load   Special permission of the dean's office is required to register for fewer than 12 credits or more than 19 credits each semester.

Incompletes   IN represents incomplete and indicates the grade is being withheld until additional work is performed and approved. The deadline for resolution of IN grades is the first Friday in January for courses taken in the fall semester, and the last Friday in May for courses taken in the spring semester. Grades which remain IN after those times will be administratively changed to F.

Credit/No Credit Grades   Students have the option of receiving the grades CR (credit) or NC (no credit) in place of the regular grades A through F for a given course. This option is selected when students register for courses. Instructors have the right to refuse to permit students to take courses on a CR/NC basis. If this occurs, students may either change back to the regular grading option or they may drop the courses entirely. Courses taken for CR/NC may not be used for any major or basic area requirements.

Only one three-credit course of open elective credit may be taken each semester on a CR/NC basis.

Class Standing   Students are categorized by class according to the number of credits they have earned. Credits not completed or completed unsuccessfully do not count toward the number of credits required for class standing. The number of credits necessary for each of the classes is: 1st year: 0-29 credits earned; 2nd year: 30-59 credits earned; 3rd year: 60-89 credits earned; 4th year: 90 or more credits earned. AP credits and transfer credits are included in the computation of class standing. Within the School of Architecture, students in the design concentration are classified according to their studio level.

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