7: School of Architecture

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Campbell Hall, the School of Architecture building, was completed in 1970 and is part of a complex of buildings forming a Fine Arts Center which also includes the Department of Art, the Department of Drama, and the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library. Campbell Hall provides well-equipped studio work areas, exhibition areas, lecture halls, and seminar rooms. The School has two computer graphics and computer aided design laboratories with high resolution graphics. The School supports software applications in computer aided degisn, GIS digital mapping and modeling, site analysis, image processing, rendering, animation, structural analysis, lighting analysis, energy analysis, statistics, word processing, spread-sheet and other areas. It contains UNIX, Macintosh and IBM computers with Internet access, and maintains digital voice and video links with other research laboratories in the United States and Europe. The design studio space has network connections for individual computers. Other research support facilities include mechanical and structural laboratories, a woodworking shop, and a photography darkroom.

The Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library, a branch of the University Library system, is part of the School of Architecture. The collections consisting of 139,000 volumes, 187,000 slides, and various kinds of technical reports, cover all subjects related to architecture, landscape architecture, architectural history, planning, and the visual and performing arts. The Fine Arts Library provides its patrons access to all other University Library resources including very extensive collections of government documents, maps, video recordings, rare books, manuscripts, and many hundreds of on-line databases as well as a gateway to the Internet. Special emphasis is placed on teaching students and faculty to find needed information utilizing on-line electronic resources. Reference services are provided to the entire University community and to the arts and architecture practitioners throughout the Commonwealth.

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