8: McIntire School of Commerce

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The McIntire School Today

The School is a separate division of the University in the same sense as are the Schools of Architecture, Graduate Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, and Medicine. The McIntire School confers the Bachelor of Science in Commerce and, as a Department of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, offers Master of Science degrees in Accounting and Management Information Systems. The bachelor's degree is conferred after a four-year program of studies in which the first two years are spent in an accredited college or university in courses approved by the McIntire School. In the 1997-98 session the undergraduate student body numbered 645 and the faculty 60.

The School is located in Monroe Hall on the Central Grounds of the University. This building contains classrooms, seminar rooms, and administrative and faculty offices. Computer facilities located in the building include a microcomputer laboratory, multimedia classrooms, and terminals linked to other University computing facilities. In addition to the facilities in Monroe Hall, the University's extensive libraries and computing systems are available to students of the McIntire School.


The McIntire School of Commerce
Monroe Hall
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(804) 924-3865

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