8: McIntire School of Commerce

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Career Opportunities and Resources

McIntire graduates pursue a variety of challenging and rewarding career opportunities throughout the United States and around the world. McIntire alumni enter such fields as accounting, finance, human resource management, management information systems, and marketing. They are employed in managerial roles in such diverse work settings as investment and commercial banking, manufacturing, advertising, retailing, consulting, government, sports, education, the military, and law. The salaries and responsibilities commanded by graduating McIntire students consistently rank at the top for the nation's leading undergraduate schools of business. The Commerce Career Services Office provides a variety of services and assists students in identifying and achieving their career goals.

Available to our students is an extensive on-grounds recruiting program. Each year approximately 330 organizations visit the University of Virginia to interview McIntire students for full-time employment. In addition to full-time employment opportunities, over 100 organizations either recruit on-grounds or list summer internships for third-year students. The option to attend graduate school immediately following graduation is one selected by approximately ten percent of each class. Students pursue graduate and professional degrees in law, accounting, management information systems, education, and other areas.

The McIntire School is justifiably proud of its academic program, and the career success of its 8,000 alumni represents a good measure of that pride. The entering third-year student and the finishing fourth-year student both have ample opportunities for direct assistance in plotting their own successful career futures after graduation.

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