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Financial management is responsible for the efficient acquisition and investment of a firm's funds, and thus plays a critically important role in the management of the corporate enterprise, both in domestic and multi-national firms. It is therefore essential that the student possess an understanding of both the functional and analytical methods of finance, and of the operation of global financial systems.

To achieve these goals, the program in finance presents an integrated treatment of the operational aspects of business and investment finance, the functions of financial institutions and international capital markets, and the basic economic and legal framework of financial organizations. Primary emphasis is placed on the role of the global financial manager in achieving broad corporate objectives, including financial planning and control, and raising and investing funds. A variety of teaching pedagogies, including lecture, socratic, and case methods are employed in this process. The program is designed to meet the needs of students who look forward to specialized careers in corporate finance, financial counseling, investment management, or banking. International financial topics are incorporated throughout all finance courses as well as a specialized course held abroad, COMM 474. Students concentrating in finance are required to complete COMM 473, COMM 475, and COMM 478. Additional courses in accounting are recommended.

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