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COMM 273 - (3) (S)
Personal Investment Analysis

Prerequisite: Non-commerce students
A survey of contemporary investment alternatives, tax, and timing considerations required in the general design and revision of an investment portfolio throughout the individualís income life-cycle. Includes guidelines for investment selections, revisions, and management in the areas of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, as well as more speculative alternatives such as options and commodities.

COMM 371 - (3) (Y)
Managerial Finance I

Prerequisites: COMM 201 and COMM 202
The development of managerial theory and decision methodology is emphasized in evaluating the financial function of the firm. The concepts and techniques employed in the procurement of resources from financial markets and their allocation to productive investments are analyzed.

COMM 372 - (3) (Y)
Managerial Finance II

Prerequisite: COMM 371
The case method of instruction is utilized to examine financial concepts and problems in contemporary situations. Develops analytical skills and judgmental abilities in finding solutions to financial and managerial problems of business firms, in both domestic and international settings. Lectures and discussions are used to introduce additional financial techniques and topics.

COMM 379 - (3) (IR)
Venture Capital and the Emerging Firm

Prerequisite: COMM 371
Examines the financial concerns of small firms (under $50 million) through empirical field research. Under the supervision of the instructor, student teams collect and analyze case descriptions of actual business problems and decisions. The general investment and financial problems of the small firm in its legal and economic environment are studied and analyzed through both discussion and case studies.

COMM 470 - (3) (IR)
Topics in Finance

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or COMM 371 and COMM 372 and permission of instructor
A seminar on issues drawing current attention in the finance literature and effecting non-financial business firms, financial institutions or investment management.

COMM 472 - (3) (Y)
International Financial Analysis

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or COMM 371, COMM 372, COMM 384, or permission of instructor
A case-predominant examination of the financial tools, techniques, and strategies required for understanding the financial management of the firm in the global business environment. Topics include: the multi-national enterprise, forecasting exchange rates, accounting and economic exposure, short and long-term international financial markets, investment analysis, multi-national capital budgeting, and political risk.

COMM 473 - (3) (Y)
Investments: Equity Securities and Markets

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or COMM 371 and COMM 372 and permission of instructor
Provides an understanding of contemporary cash and derivative equity securities and markets. Both investment theory and its practical applications are considered. The primary perspective for most discussions is that of an institutional investor, although applications to personal finance are included. Both U.S. and international equity markets are discussed. Topics include: asset allocation, portfolio theory, market efficiency, models of asset pricing, program trading, and equity options and equity-index futures.

COMM 474 - (3) (SS)
International Finance and Banking

Prerequisite: COMM 371, COMM 384
Offered in London, England, during the Summer Session. Explores the international financial environment in which economic and financial policies and business decisions are made. International monetary relations are covered, emphasizing the balance of payment measure, forward exchange markets, international capital markets, and correspondent networks.

COMM 475 - (3) (Y)
Fixed-Income Securities and Markets

Prerequisites: Fourth-year Commerce student or COMM 372 and permission of instructor
Provides an in-depth understanding of fixed-income securities and markets in order to assist students in making informed investment and risk management decisions. Both U.S. and international fixed-income securities markets are examined. Topics include: duration, convexity, realized compound yield, mortgage-backed securities, interest rate swaps, bond immunization, and interest rate futures and options.

COMM 476 - (3) (IR)
Financial Analysis

Prerequisites: Fourth-year Commerce student or COMM 273 or COMM 473 and permission of instructor
Fundamental security analysis and investment theory are stressed. Alternative strategies related to portfolio objectives and constraints are covered. Contemporary theory and capital market concepts as they impact on portfolio management are studied.

COMM 477 - (3) (IR)
Financial Management of Financial Service Firms

Prerequisites: Fourth-year Commerce student or COMM 372 and permission of instructor
Introduction to the financial theory and management of the financial service industries. A contemporary orientation, supplemented by frequent practitioner speakers, combined with recent theoretical constructs provide insight into the place of financial service institutions in the international economy. The pedagogy includes lectures, cases and a computer simulation.

COMM 478 - (3) (Y)
Financial Forecasting and Strategy

Prerequisites: Fourth-year Commerce student or COMM 372 and permission of instructor
Integrates the problems and opportunities found in the general economy with the financial strategies and policies of actual individual firms for the coming two years. An applied macro-economic approach encompassing a forecast of the gross domestic product together with a similar forecast of individual industries is brought to bear on the financial planning of the firm. Students working in groups apply quantitative and financial techniques acquired in prerequisite courses to analyze and forecast the problems and economic growth in the American economy. Individual research, team work practices, and applied quantitative methods are stressed.

COMM 479 - (3) (IR)
Real Estate Investment and Finance

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or COMM 371 and permission of instructor
Develops an analytical framework by which individuals and institutions can make real estate investment and financing decisions. Primary emphases are theory, concept building, financial modeling, and practical real estate applications. Case method is used throughout to illustrate implementation of the analytical framework.

COMM 570 - (3) (IR)
Financial Trading

Prerequisites: Fourth-year Commerce student or graduate student, or permission of instructor
Examines the nature and influence of trading in financial markets. Particular attention is directed to the role of noise in financial markets; the psychology of participants in financial markets; the identification of potential profitable trading opportunities; back office processing of trades; the management of the trading function; and artificial neural networks and AI expert trading systems. Mock pit trading sessions are held to give firsthand experience in simulated pit trading environments and illustrate some of the skills necessary for successful trading.

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