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COMM 361 - (3) (Y)
Organizational Behavior

Prerequisite: Third-year Commerce student or permission of instructor
Focuses on the interpersonal skills that promote individual, group, and organizational effectiveness. Introduces basic concepts, theories, and practices helpful in understanding contemporary organizational behavior. The class activities are varied and interactive, including experiential exercises, discussions, case analyses, and collaborative learning.

COMM 460 - (3) (IR)
Selected Topics in Management

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or permission of instructor
Seminar on current issues in management.

COMM 462 - (3) (S)
Topics in Organizational Behavior

Prerequisite: COMM 361, fourth year Commerce student or permisssion of instructor
A series of courses focusing on a specific topic in organizational behavior. Course titles include: "Negotiation and Dispute Resolution," "Executive Leadership," and "Power and Politics."

COMM 463 - (3) (Y)
Human Resource Management

Prerequisites: COMM 361 and fourth-year Commerce student or permission of instructor
Examines the fundamentals of human resource management. Topics covered include job analysis, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, compensation, and employee and labor relations. Explores the implications of increasing legal pressures (e.g., equal employment opportunity laws, sexual harassment liability) and the complexities of managing a global workforce.

COMM 467 - (3) (Y)
Organizational Change and Development

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or permission of instructor
Develops an in-depth understanding of key concepts and theories in organizational behavior and organizational development. The focus is on the studentís development of the diagnostic skills necessary for the effective management of organizational change.

COMM 468 - (3) (IR)

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or permission of instructor
Deals with the formation of a new enterprise and certain special aspects of managing a small enterprise. Considers the characteristics of the successful entrepreneur, methods of identifying new opportunity areas, starting a new enterprise, tax and legal aspects of new business, and financing for initial capital and growth.

COMM 469 - (3) (Y)
International Management

Prerequisite: COMM 361, COMM 384 or permission of instructor
Explores the strong influence of culture on business practices, and develops skills for developing and implementing strategies in multicultural environments. Topics include culture and its implications, interpersonal effectiveness, organizational systems, political and economic environments, and corporate social responsibility.

COMM 485 - (3) (S)
Strategic Management

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or permission of instructor
Builds upon and integrates the total work of the program; introduces new developments in strategic planning. Case studies or management simulations are used to develop the studentís decision-making abilities in the role of the general manager.

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