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Management Information Systems

COMM 320 - (3) (S)
Business Software Development

Prerequisites: CS 120 or equivalent
Develops software engineering knowledge and the skills necessary for the development of business applications. Emphasizes the principles of computer programming including structured methods of transaction processing.

COMM 325 - (3) (Y)
Quantitative Analysis

Prerequisites: MATH 112 and CS 120 or equivalent
Develops the concepts, techniques, and tools used by business analysts and managers with applications across all functional areas of business (accounting, marketing, finance, operations, personnel, and information systems). Data analysis, statistical models, and the use of information technology in support of decision making are emphasized.

COMM 326 - (3) (Y)
Business Information Systems

Prerequisite: COMM 325
Focuses on (a) the role of information, information technology and information systems in all areas of business, and (b) a process-oriented view of the organization, with special emphasis on the development of process modeling skills. Provides an introduction to fundamental operations management concepts via an overview of information processing systems and cycles for the most commonly performed business activities.

COMM 327 - (3) (S)
Database Management Systems

Prerequisite: COMM 320 or permission of instructor
Focuses on managing the information resources of an organization. Teaches students how to analyze the database environment of business enterprises, develop data modeling techniques, design databases to rigorous standards of independence and integrity, explore relational and network data models, and build databases and application programs using contemporary database management software.

COMM 427 - (3) (Y)
Systems Analysis and Design

Prerequisites: COMM 320 or permission of instructor
Provides a comprehensive treatment of the concepts, methodologies, procedures, and tools necessary for building computer-based information systems. The primary objective is to develop skills in project management, information gathering, communication, structured analysis, design, and implementation. To this end, computer-aided software engineering technology is used extensively to automate many facets of the systems development life cycle.

COMM 428 - (3) (S)
Data Communications

Prerequisites: COMM 327
Focuses on the strategic use of data communications for competitive advantage in an international business environment. Introduces contemporary technologies and methodologies used in the development and administration of computer-based networks.

COMM 429 - (3) (IR)
Selected Topics in Management Information Systems

Prerequisites: COMM 320 or permission of instructor
Presents the opportunity to either examine new and emerging MIS concepts and techniques, or study a particular MIS area in greater depth than is covered in other courses.

COMM 430 - (3) (IR)
Selected Topics in Operations Management

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or permission of instructor
Examines the problems encountered in managing both manufacturing and service operations. One or more plant visits are scheduled. Topics covered include production forecasting, aggregate scheduling, materials planning and control, and facility selection.

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