8: McIntire School of Commerce

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Commerce Interdisciplinary Courses

A 380/480 series of courses that cut across area boundaries.

COMM 380 - (3) (IR)
Business, Government, and Society

Prerequisites: ECON 201, 202
A review of some of the ways in which business and government, particularly at the federal level, are related to each other and to the larger society of which they are a part.

COMM 381 - (3) (IR)
Business Ethics

An examination of major moral issues in contemporary business through the understanding and application of foundational concepts from philosophical ethics. Emphasis is on directed discussion of case studies and readings from business and non-business literature.

COMM 382 - (3) (IR)
History of International Business

An examination of international business history focusing on the individual business firm.

COMM 383 - (0) (IR)
Career Management

Prerequisite: Third-year Commerce student
Provides a systematic approach to making career-related decisions, setting goals, and developing action plans to achieve those goals.

COMM 485 - (3) (S)
Strategic Management

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student
See course description under Management area.

COMM 530 - (3) (IR)
Selected Topics in Commerce

Prerequisite: Fourth-year Commerce student or graduate student and permission of instructor
Seminar on current issues in commerce.

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