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Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines

Fall 2012

Note: These deadlines for individual courses are enforced based upon the School (or faculty memberís school) offering the course not the school in which the student is enrolled. For example, an Engineering student enrolled in a College of Arts and Sciences course must follow the College deadlines. There is no withdrawal from Commerce courses.

Enrollment Dates

Returning Undergraduates Monday, April 9 (date and time available in SIS)
Returning Graduates
(including 5th year Teacher Education Program)
Monday, April 2
1st year and new graduate students Wednesday, August 1

Maximum Credit Hours

  • Architecture - 18 credits
  • College - 15 credits (increase to 17 credits on August 1)
  • Commerce - 16 credits (increase to 19 credits on August 1)

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines

AddDrop without Penalty
(course removed from transcript)
Drop with W **
- Architecture
- Arts & Sciences
- B.I.S.
- Commerce *
- Education
- Frank Batten School
- Nursing
September 11 September 12 October 23
- Engineering September 4October 12 November 16
- Law Add/Drop Deadline: September 5 (4 p.m.)
- Darden
- Medicine
Do not use SIS for course enrollment; consult school for details
- Continuing & Professional Studies BIS students follow the schedule above; other SCPS students should consult the School’s website at http://www.scps.virginia.edu/audience/students/add-drop-withdrawal or use the contact information at http://www.scps.virginia.edu/contact.

* * Withdrawals from Commerce courses are not allowed; please consult your Commerce faculty member for additional information.

** This deadline applies only to withdrawal from individual courses while remaining in other courses. See instructions below for information on withdrawal from all classes. Withdrawals cannot be made via SIS, and are subject to school regulations.

Withdrawal from the University

As of the first day of the semester, dropping all courses requires withdrawing from the University. A percentage of the tuition will be charged, pro-rated based on the week in which the withdrawal is effective. Contact your dean to complete the necessary paperwork. Withdrawals can be made for personal, medical, or uniformed services reasons.

Withdrawals from individual courses after the drop deadline, while remaining registered in other courses, can be made according to the schedule set by the individual schools.