UREG: Registrar's Office at the University of Virginia

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines



Add/Drop/Withdrawal Deadlines
Note: These deadlines are enforced based on who owns the course, so Engineering students in your classes must follow your deadlines, and vice versa.


Returning Graduate Students (including 5th year TED) begin enrollment on Monday, November 1

Returning Undergraduate Students begin enrollment on Monday, November 8
date and time will be available in SIS
College and Commerce maximum credit hours are set to 15 until November 22.

Monday, November 22 - College maximum unit limit increases to 17
Monday, November 22 - Commerce maximum unit limit increases to 18

Open enrollment for undergraduate and new graduate students begins December 1

Architecture, B.I.S., Arts & Sciences, Commerce*, Education, Frank Batten School, Nursing:
Drop w/o penalty deadline (course removed from transcript)
Add Deadline
*Drop with W deadine**

February 3

February 2

March 16

Drop w/o penalty deadline (course removed from transcript)
Add Deadline
* Drop with W deadine **

March 2

January 26

April 15

Darden, Law, Medicine:
Do not use SIS for course enrollment; consult school for details
Continuing & Professional Studies:
B.I.S. students follow schedule above; others contact the Continuing and Professional Studies regional center offering the class

* Commerce students may not withdraw from Commerce classes.

** The drop with W deadline applies to withdrawal from individual classes while remaining enrolled in other classes.

Withdrawing from the University

As of the first day of the semester, dropping all classes requires student to withdraw from the University. A percentage of the tuition will be charged, pro-rated based on the week in which the withdrawal is effective. Contact your dean to complete the necessary paperwork. Withdrawals may be made for personal, medical, or military service reasons.

Withdrawals from individual classes after the drop deadline, while remaining registered in other classes, can be made according to the schedule set by the individual schools.