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September 19, 2016, Luncheon, Omni Hotel

The Retired Faculty Association’s first luncheon of the new academic year was held at the Omni Hotel at noon on Monday, September 19, 2016. Our speaker was Brian Hogg. Senior Preservation Planner, Office of the University Architect, who spoke about “Rotunda and University Renovations: Interesting Findings Encountered.”


Brian Hogg graduated from UVA in 1983 with a BA in Art History and French, and he subsequently earned a MS in Historic Preservation from Columbia.  Before returning to UVA, he spent seventeen years as a member of the regulatory staff of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, finishing as Director of Preservation.  As UVA’s Senior Preservation Planner, he is responsible for developing guidelines for the restoration and upkeep of the Academical Village and of numerous other historic facilities.  He has participated in the renovation of Garrett Hall and the renovations of Pavilions II, IX, and X.  His current projects included the renovations of New Cabell Hall and the Rotunda.  To read more about these projects, see the following online articles:

“New Cabell is New Again,” Virginia Magazine, Winter 2014: http://uvamagazine.org/articles/new_cabell_is_new_again

Jeffersonian-Era Chemistry Hearth Preserved in Rotunda Wall,” UVA Today, October 13, 2015:  https://www.news.virginia.edu/content/jeffersonian-era-chemistry-hearth-preserved-rotunda-wall

“Renovated Rotunda Will Be More Welcoming to Students,” UVA Today, February 18, 2016: https://news.virginia.edu/content/open-house-renovated-rotunda-will-be-more-welcoming-students

“If These Walls Could Talk,” UVA Today, March 21, 2016: https://news.virginia.edu/illimitable/ingenuity/if-these-walls-could-talk

“Time May Change Me,” Virginia Magazine, Spring 2016: http://uvamagazine.org/articles/time_may_change_me

For the full 2016-17 RFA event schedule, see http://www.virginia.edu/retiredfaculty/wordpress/?page_id=19


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