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February 13, 2018, Lunch at the Omni Hotel

Our third lunch of the year was held at the Omni Hotel at noon on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.  Our speaker was Peter M. Grant II, who in April 2017 was appointed chair of the University of Virginia’s new Third Century Campaign.  Mr. Grant spoke about the strategies and priorities of the campaign, which aims to accumulate the capital and other resources necessary to expand upon the University’s success as it enters its third century of scholarship.

Peter Grant 1

Peter Grant is a two-time UVA graduate.  He earned his bachelor of arts degree in government in 1978 and received his MBA from the Darden School of Business in 1986.  He is a founding partner of Anchormarck Holdings LLC, a Charlottesville private equity firm.  He also is director and former chairman of Global Impact, a humanitarian support organization that provides comprehensive philanthropic and organizational services for an alliance of more than one hundred international charities.

“As an undergraduate, Grant was a Lawn resident and president of the InterFraternity Council.  He credits the University with providing him a broad, foundational educational experience in the College and a more focused, professional development as a Darden student. Both have served him throughout his career and life.” (UVA Today, 4-26-17)

“I can’t imagine not giving back to the place that has given me so much,” Grant told the Cavalier Daily last spring.  “Those of us who know this University, who have benefited from its exceptional faculty and its sense of place and its culture of honor and integrity and service, understand its importance to the Commonwealth, the nation and the world and want to do all we can to support and sustain it.” (Cavalier Daily, 4-28-17)

In a conversation last fall with Darden Executive Director of Advancement, Kara Ramirez Mullins, Peter said: “The [Third Century] Campaign and its linkage to the University Bicentennial provide a unique opportunity to frame the case for the University’s third century.  Very few institutions enjoy that context.  A successful campaign effort will serve as a foundation for the vision we articulate for the University’s third century. . . . This campaign may envision a number of pan-University initiatives that will leverage many of our existing core strengths.  Students expect innovation and cross-disciplinary problem solving, and we need to be equipped to deliver.  The aim is to position the University as the nation’s centerpiece for public education – as a thought leader – while offering our students an experience that prepares them to meet the challenges of the future.” (Darden Report, 10-18-17)

Peter Grant 3

The Third Century Campaign began its “quiet phase” last October.  A public launch is projected in 2019.  So this is a good time for retired faculty members to listen and learn and to ask questions about the campaign’s goals and strategies and to make recommendations.

Reservation forms for the February 13th lunch were mailed to all Retired Faculty Association members on January 12th.  A digital version of the reservation form can be accessed by clicking on this link: Feb 13th Lunch Invitation.

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