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Passenger Transport

For drivers who transport passengers in owned or Rented/Leased vehicles on behalf of the University of Virginia.

  • Drivers of large passenger vehicles or vehicles that hold more than 8 occupants, who will be transporting passengers should have a CDL* or meet the following requirements:
    1. Drivers who have not had previous experience with a particular vehicle should spend an adequate amount of time driving that vehicle prior to transporting passengers, preferably in various types of traffic conditions, so that they become thoroughly familiar with the vehicle, and, when possible, accompanied by a driver with experience driving the same type of vehicle.
    2. Students who are not also University employees should not transport passengers in these vehicles.
    3. Minimum age of the driver should be 21 unless the driver has a CDL or EVOC Certification. Every driver should of course possess a valid United States driver's license.
    4. Drivers should have a minimum of two years driving experience.
    5. It is preferable that a driver's motor vehicle report not show two or more at fault accidents and/or serious moving violations in the past year, nor three or more at fault accidents and/or serious moving violations in the past three years. There should be no violations related to alcohol or drugs in the past five years. If the transcript reveals more than what is suggested above, it is up to the discretion of department heads whether to allow the driver to transport passengers on behalf of the University. Human Resources will perform a driver's transcript check by request on employees. If you have particular situations you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact Property & Liability Risk Management for further guidance.
  • Drivers of smaller vehicles than those described in #1 above who will be transporting passengers should consider the guidelines in 1 above. However, in lieu of requesting a DMV report, you may ask the driver to show a valid United States driver's license and to tell you about his/her driving record. If a driver will be transporting students, it is recommended that a DMV report be requested as indicated in item 5 above. Non-employees under 21 should not be transporting passengers on behalf of the University. Avoid the use of students as drivers who are not employees.

*CDL (Commercial Driver's License) is required when driving a vehicle that can transport more than 15 passengers.

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PRM-014 Policy: Use and Management of University-Owned Vehicles was adopted on 4/15/2010 and has precedence over the recommendations contained in this memorandum. These recommendations supplement PRM-014 to provide additional guidelines for transportation of passengers in University-owned and non-University-owned vehicles.